A Mirthful Spirit

Embracing Laughter For Wellness

Praise for the Book

 A Mirthful Spirit is a worthwhile and mirthwhile resource that will tickle the interest of people from all walks, hops, skips, and jumps of life. The authors have crafted a splendid balance of thought-provoking quotes, delightful anecdotes and acronyms, research, and practical tips to underline the link between laughter and wellness in life and work.”

Dr. Joel Goodman, Director, The HUMOR Project, Saratoga Springs, NY and author of Laffirmations: 1,001 Ways To Add Humor To Your Life And Work

“An awesome book and wonderful self-help resource for people in their journey through life. The authors are highly respected learners and scholars of mirth and laughter.  They speak with a tone of warmth, engagement, and exploration as they capture and convey the preciousness of a mirthful spirit and laughter in overall wellness. Simply reading the book is not enough.  Readers are beckoned to put its lessons into action for enhancing wellness and happiness.” 

Kaye A. Herth, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N., researcher and author of numerous publications on hope, humor, and end of life care.

“The chemistry in this book is great, providing fun, healthful
"inner-tainment" that can add days to your life and life to your days.”

Dale Anderson, M.D., author of Act Now and Never Act Your Age 

A Mirthful Spirit provides a recipe for life "ever-laughing." It is a fresh approach to using laughter to live life to the fullest.”

Annie Glasgow, author of Gift to the Present: Wellderly Wisdom

Mary Huntley and Edna Thayer received the “2008 Best Humor Book Award” from the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. The award was presented February 2008, at the annual AATH business meeting near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and was attended by more than 200 members from the United States, Canada and China. AATH is an international community of professionals who incorporate humor into their daily lives. The mission of the organization, established in 1987, is "to advance the understanding and application of humor and laughter for their positive benefits."



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