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Mary Huntley co-authored with her life-long friend, Judy Appel, the book, Amazing Attributes of Aging: Silly & Sacred Stories of Blue Garter Friends, 2009The authors strongly believe that an aging woman is a keepsake who holds the secrets to healthy and satisfying living.  The power of her friendships will nurture the next generation of women.  Amazing Attributes of Aging lifts up a unique story of 36 women who graduated in 1958 from high school in Mankato, MN.  Their 50 plus years of friendship, held together by the symbolism of a blue garter, shares more fun than anyone can imagine. Reading their silly and sacred stories is an inspiration to women, young and older.  Learn more:  www.amazingaging.com

Edna Thayer has also authored the book, Feisty Lydia: Memoirs of a German War Bride, 2009.  This biography of Feisty Lydia is created from personal interviews with Lydia, her family, and friends. Born in Germany in 1925, her remarkable spirit helped her survive premature birth, the Great Depression, death-defying experiences, the Nazi regime, and war in her home town.  Getting to know Lydia, her journey to America as a German war bride, and creating a new life in a rural town in MN is a story full of humor, admiration, courage, and strength.  www.feistylydia.com


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