A Mirthful Spirit

Embracing Laughter For Wellness

Make Laughter Your Daily Habit

Use laughter and positive mirth – the feelings of joy and delight – as simple prescriptions for wellness.
A Mirthful Spirit
describes the benefits of laughter for wellness with tips for maintaining mirthfulness within oneself, at home, on-the-job, and during times of distress.
It inspires readers to intentionally seek out and create opportunities for mirth and laughter while minimizing negative humor in everyday life. Laughter will make you live a longer and happier life.

A Mirthful Spirit makes the connection between laughter and music, shows adults how to grow up mirthfully with children, and ponders the historical and cultural aspects of humor. Written in a light, festive manner, it is based on the wisdom of laughter and wellness stories shared through many interviews. Readers working in schools or care centers will appreciate easy-to-remember acronyms describing the techniques, while lay readers will find cause to pause through a wealth of inspiring quotes.

Reading A Mirthful Spirit will change your outlook on life.  Not only will you become happier—everyone will feel your joy and start laughing with you.  Buy a copy of A Mirthful Spirit  and you too can laugh your way to wellness.


This book was self-published through Beaver's Pond Press.  For other Beaver's Pond Press books go to http://www.beaverspondpress.com/ or call 1-800-901-3480.




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